Zink Family – Rainy Morning Photoshoot | Lee Martinez Park, Fort Collins Colorado

Cozy fall photoshoot at Lee Martinez park with the Zink family

This Morning started out COLD, as in freezing cold. Not only was it cold but also very smoky in Fort Collins due to the Cameron Peak & Troublesome fires just west of town. But oh man was this the perfect little family. When They first arrived Tricia & Carson were ready to go, but Lincoln on the other-hand had fallen asleep on the drive over. We took the opportunity and got some pictures of just mom & dad while Lincoln was still warm in the car.

When it came time to start the family pictures meant it was time to wake the baby! This could have gone very differently, he could have been grumpy, confused, tired and not wanting to stand in the cold for pictures. But OH MY GOSH he was perfect. Maybe a little confused and tired but was so calm and relaxed about the whole thing and gradually got more excited, especially when he got to be near the river! Enjoy some pictures of this sweet little family!