Meghan & Maddy – Headshots | Fort Collins, CO

Headshots with a Friend

Maddy and Meghan are friends who both work in marketing, Maddy being a Social Media Manager, and Meghan Being a Marketing Specialist. After talking to the two of them we decided to do a quick headshot photoshoot to get some professional images for job interviews and to update their LinkedIn profiles. After working a job for a few years your professional accounts can tend to fall to the sides and get put on the back burner. Then you get to a point where you go to check a notification on LinkedIn and realize your colleges are still looking at an image of you from 5 years ago! It was time for a change!

We headed out for Arapaho bend Natural Area to capture a few quick photos of the two of them around sunset, and WOW, even with it being early spring you could feel so much warmth in the air. And it was a BUSY day. In the time we were in Arapaho Bend Natural Area we probably passed by fifty+ people. Some people were out to fish in the Poudre river, a number were out on a bike ride or a walk with the dog, and we even saw 3 other photographers with their own clients out capturing the warm weather. 

Time for the headshots

We started with Meghan, and it was pretty easy going, we had plenty of props such as hats and scarfs to give your hands something to do to help alleviate some of the awkwardness that can come with being in front of the camera. While we were going through some poses and instructions with Meghan she would insist that I tell her a joke to make her laugh. Ends up Meghan has quite a bit in common with a 5 year old boy and the jokes that hit her hard were the ones that were about farts. Yup, this 30 year old woman still has the heart of a child, and I love it!

Next we did a few quick shots of Maddy. She required a little more thought-out jokes to get her laughing, farts don’t cut it for her. But it was very easy going, I kept things light and made her do a few quick motions that would result in some fun movement in her images. And who could resist her smile, so sweet and so easy to talk to! Her clients hit the jackpot having her as their Social Media Manager!

I would encourage anyone to schedule a photoshoot with their friends. Even If you are not planning on being in each other’s images it is always fun to have a friend along your side to make you laugh and feel even more comfortable being in front of a camera.