Favorite Northern Colorado Photo Locations

While these are just a few of my favorite Northern Colorado photo locations I am ALWAYS ready to explore somewhere new!

This Area is popular for biking and walks. It is located close to the Timnath exit on i25 and has some wonderful wooded landscapes and river views. I love using this location in the summer and fall months because of the wide variety of foliage and colors! There are some fun ponds, tall grasses, dirt trails, and river beds that provide scenic variations too.

This Area is used by CSU for environmental programs. It is open to the public and is popular for biking and walks. The ELC is located on the curved corner of Drake Rd. and Ziegler Rd. It is a beautiful space with large trees for shade and has a variety of foliage. There are sections with tall grass, a suspension bridge and winding trails along the river. The only consideration for this location is the bugs. During springtime the mosquitos are in full force which can make it unbearable. But is enjoyable through the remaining seasons.

Watson Lake is located in Laporte, CO (just north-west of Fort Collins). This is truly one of my favorite Northern Colorado photo locations. It is a great spot for morning photos, the lake borders the Poudre River and runs along a red rock ridge. There are walking trails, dock’s and paved paths with tons of greenery and trees. This is another favorite location in the Fall months for the variety of colors.

Very lush area near Downtown Fort Collins. Lee Martinez is a park that houses some farm animals and access to the Poudre river. The area has some beautiful fields as well as lush areas with high grasses, tall trees and scenic river views. There is a variety of bridges and trails with access to north and south side of the Poudre River. A great Location for Fall with a variety of colors.

Oxbow Natural Area is a small quite trail just south of US 34. The area has fields of tall grass, beautiful in all seasons. In the summer and spring time the trees are full of leaves around the river. Fall time is beautiful in this area, It is full of color and the river is a great backdrop!

Rocky Mountain National Park/Lily Lake – Estes Park CO

RMNP is located just west of Estes park, around 1 hour away from Fort Collins CO. In the Park there are endless options for scenic backgrounds ranging from tall mountains, a variety of waterfalls and multiple lakes and rolling fields.

The park does require an additional "permit" for photos that would be an additional charge of $50, and the session must be planned at least 2 weeks in advance.

Lily Lake is located just south of Estes Park and has easy access to a beautiful lake with a paved path around the entire lake.

Hiking to a location is available, Willing to hike 2 miles or less to desired location. *unless discussed otherwise

Lory State Park- Fort Collins CO

I love Lory State Park for a variety of different landscapes in a small area. The Park is located on the west side of Horsetooth Reservoir, with access to the water. There are beautiful red rocks, pine trees and tall grass. It is great for winter months when you want a pop of color in the colder temperatures.

Devils Backbone* – Loveland CO

Devils Backbone is a beautiful hiking area just West of Loveland CO off of west Eisenhauer Blvd. Located near sweet heart winery and is often frequentented by a heard of elk. It has multiple trails that weave between beautiful rock formations that look like a back bone. At sunset you get to see the sun disappearing behind the rocks, and also features a "keyhole" that is perfect for pictures.

Red Mountain Openspace – Wellington CO

Red Mountain Open Space is located about 25 Miles Northwest of Wellington CO near the Wyoming border. It is a scenic drive with iron filled mountains lining the road. The area is known for Mountain biking and Hiking. The Trails are closed to dogs, but the road there is available (which is just as scenic). This area is closed between December and February due to snow.

DISCLAIMER*: as of July 2020 many of these locations (natural areas in Colorado) now require a hunting license OR fishing license for entry into the area for anyone over 16 years of age.