Chimi & Austin – Casual Fall Couples Photoshoot | Fort Collins Colorado

What a way to meet your best friends boyfriend

Chimi has been one of my best friends since college. We lived on the same hall freshman year and happened to take one of the same classes. And now, 8 YEARS LATER she is still one of my favorite people.

Things changed a little in 2020 though, she got an awesome job offer in Washington that was too good to pass up. So during quarantine she packed up all of her things and moved to a place where she knew 1 person. Luckily, not too long after she moved in she met Austin. When she first told me about Austin she was getting ready for their first date. I wished her luck and told her to let me know how it went when it was done. So when she hadn’t texted me by the next day I reached out, since being patient is not my strong suit.

So I asked, “How did the date go?” to which she replied, “It’s still happening.”

Fast forward a few months and I finally get to meet Austin, and no better way to meet your best friends boyfriend then doing a couples photoshoot at a pumpkin patch! But for real this day was crazy, the fires in Northern Colorado were acting up a lot this day and pretty much everywhere was covered in ash and smoke. And the dark blue sky you see behind them in these photos, is actually an ominous cloud of smoke that was resting over Fort Collins.

It was a crazy smoke filled, windy day but I wouldn’t change any of it. Enjoy!