About Me

I’m Bayley

It’s Nice To Meet You!

A little about me, I was born and raised in Northern Colorado, so naturally, the mountains are my favorite place to be. Growing up I spent most of my summer weekends outside. Camping, hiking, fishing, you name it! If it is outdoors I most likely LOVE it.

Capturing love stories around Northern Colorado is a dream come true for me. But don't get me wrong I am always down to travel! If you have a dream destination, LET'S GO! I have spent my entire life in the Northern Colorado area for a good reason, I just haven’t found anywhere quite like it! I have grown up exploring Fort Collins and the nearby areas and have found endless photo locations, how could you not with the foothills as the background!

Another favorite of mine is a quality craft beer. Let’s meet on a patio and talk about all things photography, dogs, or camping. Send me a message and let’s set something up!

Bayley Standing in a field with the sun setting behind the trees behind her

Some Of My Favorite Things

I have always been an “artsy” person, but in my own way. Growing up I was always in art and business classes, they were my favorite subjects. I loved being able to create things with my hands, but on the other side I liked learning why people do what they do. What impacts someone's day to day choices, what makes someone pick a certain product over another? A certain Photographer over another? So naturally I was interested in advertising, BUT even more specific, graphic design for advertising.

I was not someone who grew up dreaming of being a photographer, but something that was very clear about me was that I have always dreamed of being an artist. It was not until my first shoot I helped on that really sparked something inside. My boyfriend, a nature and wildlife photographer, was asked by his sister to do her engagement portraits. He was a little unsure of how to do portraits of people and asked me to tail along to help. I LOVED IT. Later on that year my boyfriend's sister ended up asking me to shoot a few hours the morning of her wedding since their photographer would be coming later in the day. That was it, that was the day that started it all, I had found a new love, getting to document people on one of the happiest days of their lives!